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Project Description
Within SharePoint you have to change the DocIcon.xml file within the 12 hive to alter document icons within SharePoint. With this project it is done automatically by a feature that starts a Timerjob that changes the DocIcon.xml file.

On codeplex there is also another solution to install icons within the farm. This solution only works on a single server. My solution works on a multiple server farm! With my solution you at a icon with one click on a button.

If you deploy the wsp package you will have a web application feature that you will have to activate. Within the feature properties you can change the extension and image you would like to add to the DocIcon.xml file. If the extension already exists it will update the excisting node.

More information can be read at my Blog:


To install the feature you have to run the setup.exe file within the zip package you have downloaded.

If you would like to change the icon or the extension and the icon you have to download the source code and alter the Feature. You can also do this by editing the feature file within the 12 hive. But this is not the suported way (but it works).

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